🤝Consensus is a way to come to an agreement.

⛓In blockchain networks which are decentralized systems and do not have a single governing body, various algorithms have been developed to achieve consensus.

In blockchain, it does not matter whether the participants of the system trust each other or not, they just have to agree on certain principles of operation that will concern everyone.

Certain operating principles are a direct function of the consensus mechanism.

🔢The consensus algorithm in the blockchain is a set of mathematical rules and functions that allow you to reach an agreement between all participants and ensure the operation of the network.

At the moment, there are several different methods of reaching consensus.

👇🏼What consensuses in blockchain networks do you know?

World peace 🕊

Blockchain industry — #DecimalChain ⛓

Institutional companies are excited about the profits generated from investing in Bitcoin, as a result of which they launch new financial instruments based on the PTS.

Institutions make enormous profits on BTC

Payments company Square Inc easily beat Wall Street expectations for quarterly earnings on Thursday, as surging demand for Bitcoin triggered a jump in cryptocurrency transactions on its peer-to-peer payment service Cash App.

Excluding one-time expenses, the payments firm, led by Twitter Inc’s top boss Jack Dorsey, earned 41 cents per share, generating revenue of $3.51 …

🙌🏻Hello, community!

Today we are talking about passwords.

What passwords are considered reliable, what are the ways of hacking, how to create strong passwords and where to store them all?

❗️Main thing:

1. The presence of numbers and letters in the password
2. Length of at least 7 characters

Following these 2 rules — you are protected, BUT only if:

❗️ You observe the password change periods
❗️ You use different passwords for different sites

🕵🏻 Has your password been declassified?

If your password meets the main rules and you do not want to change it, then you can evaluate the complexity of your current password and find out if…

According to Forbes, the war over privacy between Apple and Facebook is just one of the elements that marks the end of the current typical digital marketing strategy, and the transition to blockchain marketing.

Fake privacy by media giants

To deploy the iOS privacy update, Apple requires users to request permission to track their actions in apps for personalized advertising purposes. Google’s plans to follow Apple’s lead have yet to be confirmed, but Apple’s new privacy protections will directly hit Facebook’s net profit

Today, information about you is collected in the apps you use or the websites you visit. This data is combined with additional…

In what fields is blockchain used? Part 1. ⠀ 🙌🏻Hi, community! ⠀ Cryptocurrencies are not just electronic cash. Let consider in what spheres blockchain technologies are already being applied today. ⠀ 🔸Information management ⠀ Identity management services allow users to transfer their data to the blockchain, thereby creating a digital identity. After completing the identification process just once, you can log in to the network and other services without re-entering the information. ⠀ ▫️ The ID function will be implemented on the DecimalChain blockchain by the end of 2021, with biometric data being entered and hashed in the blockchain. ⠀…

⚒Technology most often enter our daily lives with great effort, especially when it comes to money or business.

💳 Do you remember how plastic cards appeared and how distrustful we were of “virtual” numbers?

But when the business got acquiring and you can now pay with a card at every stall, we have a maximum of 5% of cash left in our wallets.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies also seemed out of reach for ordinary people, but the #DecimalChain team set one of the main tasks — user convenience.

👉🏼Go to our website and click the “get started” button to evaluate the…

Interest in Blockchain-based virtual worlds is reaching unprecedented heights, prompting many to wonder what exactly is a “metaverse”? Let’s take a look at what it is, why it’s important, and some trends to look out for in 2021.

The Fantastic World of Blockchain

The term “metaverse” can mean different things to different people. However, the general ingredients remain the same. These include blockchains, cryptocurrencies, non-financial tokens (NFT), and three realities:

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

AR takes a real environment and overlays it with virtual objects.

  • Mixed Reality (MR)

MR goes beyond AR and binds virtual objects to real environments.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

VR allows users to…

🔹Transactions in 24 hours 813
🔹Transactions 99172
🔹Validators 19
🔹Supply 516 423 538.75 DEL
🔹Delegated 452 101 974.92 DEL
🔹Last block 4 347 510
🔹Block reward 100 DEL
🔹Coins 11


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