📱API (Application Programming Interface) is the interface of interaction between website and third-party programs and servers.

👤A programmer can use API to access the functionality of a third-party program. API makes it possible for resources to operate using use the potential and power of another website or program.

🛠️API reduces…

1️⃣ High level of trust in the network

👥When there are no intermediaries in the transaction, any participant can deceive another. Therefore, in any peer-to-peer networks, there is distrust between the participants.

⛓️In the blockchain, the problem is solved with the help of algorithms by which blocks are created. The…

🔹Transactions in 24 hours 2044
🔹Transactions 460706
🔹Validators 34
🔹Supply 1 072 615 379.09 DEL
🔹Delegated 905 892 505.92 DEL
🔹Last block 7 954 212
🔹Block reward 224 DEL
🔹Coins 38
🔹All wallets 45586
🔹Active wallets 45570

On Tuesday, 18 January 2022, at 12:00 PM Moscow time the mainnet update was held.

7,944,001 — the update block

7,959,841 — end of the grace period

This auto-update includes:
- enhancement of the CDK Cosmos version (up to 0.39.3);
- enhancement of the node version (up to 1.2.6);
- fix of the missed blocks counting
- fix of rewards
- sorting the lists of unbonded NFTs
- additional processing of error notifications
- NFT reserve change feature

Guards have also been updates (fix of the missing auto-update transaction)

1️⃣ Reliable data storage

💻In the client-server architecture, nodes are not equal. Servers store information and control access to it, and clients send requests to servers and receive it. To disable the entire system, it is enough to make an attack on the server.

🔗Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network where…


Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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