👻The recent weeks haven’t been rich in some great news, and that’s why we’ve prepared a list of “bad news” (awww…)

🤫 But as you know, there is no really bad news and the significance of any news depends on how we use it.

☠️ A crook has withdrawn 225 million roubles (864,8 ETH) from the NFT auction at one famous platform. The head of the platform reported that an anonymous contractor implemented a malicious code into the platform interface and changed the auction address.

📈 Binance — an exchange trading BTC — is transforming into a licensed company…

Blockchain technologies in Russia

🙌🏻Hi, community!

🔗Blockchain technologies seem interesting not only for entrepreneur and private individuals: the state sector has also been looking for approaches for using the technology since its benefits are obvious and in some cases they are suitable even for the “big brother”.

✍🏻Thus, in April 2020 the The Federal tax Service launched a blockchain platform for issuing interest-free loans to small and medium businesses. The pandemic has become a powerful stimulus for this decision.

⚙️The blockchain platform is intended for quick processing of the documents related to entrepreneurs’ loan applications for 0% for payrolls. …

Why is there uncertainty in the fiat financial system, even when the supply of paper money is relatively well regulated? Without a mandatory restriction, it is difficult to predict the future supply of money

Read completely — https://decimal.news/what-is-wrong-with-the-bitcoin-supply-mechanism/

🪄 Creating a token on live broadcast

🙌🏻Hey, community!

As a part of the tutorial case of DecimalSchool we are going to create our own token for encouraging students of our school.

👁 We will show you the whole process of creation, explain the chosen parameters and demonstrate the most beneficial for the community ways of token use.

🔎 You can not only see this simple process in real time but also understand which coin parameters we use to achieve our targets.

Looking forward to welcome everyone willing!

🗓 September, 15th
⏰ 20:00 Moscow time

P.S. For DecimalSchool students there will be a ZOOM link available in school chats and the institutional information in the second part of the webinar.


🙌🏻 The concept of “community” has become a widely used term since 2007.
It is considered that the first creators of community were developers of network computer online-games.

🕸 Today, despite the diversity, Internet communities continue to be the fastest growing.

🤝 Community is a group of people united by common interests.

Audience/clients/subscribers and community are not the SAME thing. A company can have a large number of clients still having no community, and vice versa.

Community criteria
▫️presence of common interests
▫️regular online and offline communication
▫️private interaction between participants, building close relationships
▫️awareness of belonging to the community
▫️emergence of users…

The appearance of Bitcoin has revolutionized not only the world of finance, but also the way people think. But it was designed to handle only 7 transactions per second, and as the size of the network grew, it became obvious that it would be difficult to maintain this trend

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Until now, the crypto industry remembers a lot of failures and scams associated with the initial placement of coins. Now many people are wondering: can the offer of security tokens (STO) become a full-fledged replacement for ICO

Read completely — https://decimal.news/what-is-the-security-token-offer-sto-and-can-it-replace-the-ico/


Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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