Stealth addresses is a privacy enhancement technology that protects the privacy of cryptocurrency recipients.

🔗Standard transactions in the blockchain are pseudoanymous, since all the details of transfers are visible on the public register. Transaction details are identified only by their blockchain addresses. This means that a “certain” address is associated…

Yesterday, the blockchain was auto-updated on the testnet.
In the new version of the node:

▫️anjustedcode (alignment with the devnet)
▫️fix on rewards
▫️fix according to NFT lists

Now we are dealing with transaction errors on the testnet in the new version. Today we are going to run all transactions on the testnet and schedule the auto-undate in the mainnet for tomorrow/the day after.

The private NFT function is ready for deployment on testnet.

We`ve found the covers of private NFTs are not displayed in the owner’s list. Therefore, we are making an additional method on the backup and adding it to the SDK
nevertheless, we still want to deploy the feature in the testnet (even without the covers in the list) so that we can try it in the testnet.

The metaverse is not a game, and does not have a specific destination, it simply represents its own digital reality. Thus, the metaverse covers much more spheres of life than the modern Internet. Leading companies around the world are beginning to realize this potential and use it to their advantage. And the question arises: well, when will it come?

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On November 25, the 10th anniversary ceremony of awarding the “Best Solutions for the Digital Economy” was held by ComNews, the independent organizers of industry conferences on telecommunications and information technologies ComNews, in partnership with leading industry associations and public authorities.

🏆This year’s ceremony was dedicated to technology and digital…


Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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