🇷🇺 Russia is far from being the last country in the world in terms of the development of the digital economy, and quite active digitalization is taking place in the public sector. Earlier the state structures were aimed mainly at hardware: the construction of data centers, the purchase of equipment…

🎮The gaming industry is closely merging with blockchain and cryptos making a new field of GameFi. If guilds of gamers in blockchain games attract $18 million at the stage of financing, then why should we question the prospects of this industry?

New online games have been actively developing on the…

🔹Transactions in 24 hours 1868
🔹Transactions 355934
🔹Validators 31
🔹Supply 917 657 663.82 DEL
🔹Delegated 774 855 077.31 DEL
🔹Last block 7 229 621
🔹Block reward 190 DEL
🔹Coins 32
🔹All wallets 38101
🔹Active wallets 38083


Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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