🐻3D NFT game on DecimalChain

🙌🏻Hello, community! Another NFT game is being developed on our blockchain — a tactical NFT AUTOBATLER!

🗓 Tomorrow (16.10.21)

⏰ At 13:00 Moscow time there a Zoom conference will be held by the game developers.

🐻 The War Bears, once a single people divided into warring clans, are looking for a way to prevent the planet from freezing.

🔥 is a step-by-step strategy with elements of an autobattler, based on NFT characters and items one can trade, as well as getting passive income from owning characters.

🤝In the game, you can create a team of fighting animals, build interactions and synergies between them, increasing the power of the team. Having assembled a team, the player sends the team to a mission.

💰The peculiarity of the game is that each NFT character is a digital asset that will bring passive income to its holder.

❕This is a unique approach based on the DecimalChain blockchain.



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