🛠️What does the blockchain industry consist of?

Dec 30, 2021


💵Today there are more than 15 thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens in the world and a little less blockchains.

📲Even lazy people (especially those ones who are lazy) earn money in the blockchain economy via:




🔹creating their own cryptocurrencies;

🔹creating infrastructure from exchanges and exchange platforms/Apps;

🔹releasing digital content;

🔹creating metaverses;

🔹launching infrastructure in metaverses;

🔹designing games;

🔹creating rating platforms;

🔹planning industry events;

🔹creating equipment;

🔹creating communities;

🔹launching business for business;

🔹creating media for the industry;

🔹introducing laws.

⛓️Blockchain has penetrated into all spheres of society, and the opportunities to get your personal benefits are growing!

🔗In DecimalChain, we have collected everything that a business or an ordinary user without technical knowledge need, and “packed” into one blockchain.




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.